Information on maps of Geographic Units

by continents


Below are shown modes of showing maps and associate to them the information and links, leading to the tabular information and other modes of maps' displaying. Descriptions are placed on copies of the screen for particular functions of the service.

Attention: ideas of the metropolis and the province became defined in the section "Entities vs Geographical Units" of the description of rules of this service's construction "Rules".

Copy - part 1

Supplementary attentions:

  • The assigned of colors to headings with names of Units (the Legend - No 2.) lets on quick noticing of the kind of the relation between Units. The color             means that one placed here the name of the Geographical Unit, the color             oznacza means the name of the Geographical Unit being the part (the province) of other Unit equivalent with the DXCC Entity, while the color             the name of the DXCC Entity. Names on these headings are simultaneously links leading to descriptions of suitable Units.

  • In the case when the DXCC Entity carries simultaneously the status of the Geographical Unit it is placed in the statement of maps 2-times. Once as the separate Geographical Unit along with added link to the metropolis (No 4.) and the second time as the dependent Unit of the metropolis located under it in the color             (No 9.) but only on the continent proper for the metropolis.

  • Under the list of maps Units which enter into the metropolis is found the roll of links leading to Geographical Units going up into the metropolis, but lying on other continents.

  • Below is placed the example of the situation, when the metropolis is found on other continent and on the chosen continent is only dependent its the DXCC Entity (No 1. and 2.), not possessed the status of the Geographical Unit.


Copy - part 2 (see the description up)