HAM’s Treasury





Available on this page the collection of procedures (accessible trough network links) make possible the obtainment much data, interesting not only HAMs.   There let on integrating of databases - the information, maps, pictures - from the service Hamatlas with the browser Google Earth®.

Services accessible at present:


Network links

Data about all DXCC Entities

DXCC Entities by continents

Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Europe,
North America, Oceania, South America

QTH Locators Viewer

Map of QTH Locators for whole World

Antarctic Bases

All facilities in Antarctica



What to do to start it?

  1. If you use already the browser Google Earth® simply click the specific link and it'll start in the browser.

  2. If you not yet took advantage of her, go to this page and install the browser.

How to use?

  1. One click on the icon in the map opens the frame box with the information and links to the service Hamatlas and other pages.

  2. The double-click on the icon in the map causes the move to the indicated location on surface of the Earth.

  3. Similarly works clicking on the name in the list on left side of the screen, if it is open.

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