Satellite pictures


1.   The picture in principle represents the given Entity. This is not realized in 2 cases:

  • The Entity is an archipelago expanded on so large area that on the picture embracing it as the whole, it would be not much visible - in such situation favored is the part of the archipelago or an island. In due measure possibilities in the gallery of photos are found pictures of remaining islands.

  • The Entity is too large (e.g. Brazil whether U.S.A.) and the photo would be less exact since the map. In such case the satellite picture represents a certain characteristic fragment of the Entity or the country’s area from another regard interesting. Pictures of remaining parts of such Entity are found in the gallery.

2.   In the case of the small Entity instead the satellite picture can be placed the air photo.

3.   For insular Entities one placed possibly a lot photos of each island; also for other units as the rule was accepted the show of as greatest quantity pictures of islands as possible.

4.   Placed are also pictures of characteristic objects and places or events symbolic for the given Entity.

5.   Satellite pictures originate mostly from collections of NASA, ESA from programs Modis, Ikonos, Landsat and the missions ISS or STS; also NASA/GSFC/METI/ERSDAC/JAROS, and U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team.

6.   Pictures became to be oriented with a map with the accuracy not worse than 45°, from here sometimes numbers of photos are from one side or upside down. In many cases exact directing would give in the effect the diamond-shaped picture. Only pictures made under large angles (the visible bend of Earth's surface) one left according to the direction of the course of the orbit - often does not reflect this real directing of the geographical object!

7.   Pictures come from different periods and different missions, therefore their quality, the resolution and additional elements occurring on photos are various.

8.   On photos from the MODIS program are many red points, showing places with the increased level of the infrared radiation - probable sources of the fire.

9.   In some cases the picture is a mosaic, that is to say an imposition of several shots from one or many flights over the given area.