Prefixes and callsigns


  1. As the main prefix for the given DXCC Entity I fixed:

  1. The official prefix assigned by the entitled administration, e.g. SP, OH0;

  2. The prefix used by DXCC, e.g. KH5K;

  3. One from many used prefixes arbitrarily chosen by me, e.g. DL (and not DJ or DK).

  1. I will not interfere in discussions nor be change nothing in the case of prefixes usually used for some Entity, e.g. 3B8; 3B9.

  2. Series of signs embrace all series admitted by the properly administration regardless of whether they are used and in what character are used, e.g. HF0 - Polish stations on Antarctica.

  3. Series of signs contain only these exclusions (or inclusions) whose executed national administrations, up to the mark prefixes e.g. KL9 for American armies in South Korea.